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We invite all EAWOP members to participate in developing the organization. Please, click here to submit your contribution.
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Remote GA 2018

Instructions for participation in the General Assembly


Participation consists of voting on approval of the Annual Report and the Financial Report of EAWOP for 2017.

Only full members and constituent representatives are eligible to vote.

The reports have been reviewed and approved by 4 examiners, two constituent representatives Konstantinos Papachristopoulos representing HPS (Greece) and David Cutajar representing MAWOP (Malta) and two full members (Guido Hertel and Alberto Crescentini).

Comments and questions regarding the documents should be addressed to the General Secretary by email (

Voting will take place via email to

Voting will be open from June 21 at noon to July 5 at noon, 2018 (GMT). For each document there are three options:

       a) Yes, I support the documents

      b) No, I do not support the documents

      c) blank

The absence of an explicit vote via email will be taken as consent.

The results of the vote will be confirmed by the Executive Committee and examiners and communicated to members.


Email to voting members, GA 2018

Email to non-voting members, GA 2018

EAWOP Annual Report GA 2017

Financial report GA 2017