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Gregoire Bollmann Full member
Title:   Dr  
Organisation /
Department /
  University Of Zurich Department of Psychology  
Nationality:   Switzerland  
Work address:   Binzmuhlestrasse 14 / Box 13
8050 Zurich
Private address:   Untere Bahnhofstrasse 12a
8910 Affoltern-am-Albis
Phone:   +41796538491  
LinkedIn profile:  
Areas of interest:   Careers
Work-family interface
Organizational behavior

Recent publications  
  • Bollmann_et_al-2016-JMS_OpenAccess.pdf
    Bollmann, G., & Krings, F. (2016). Workgroup climates and employees’ counterproductive work behaviours: A social-cognitive perspective. Journal of Management Studies, 53, 184–209. doi:10.1111/joms.12167

  • Trajectories of Domains Satisfaction around Parenthood - Bernardi et al., 2017.pdf
    Bernardi, L., Bollmann, G., Potarca, G., & Rossier, J. (2017). Multidimensionality of well-being and spillover effects across life domains: How do parenthood and personality affect changes in domain-specific satisfaction? Research in Human Development, 14, 26–51. doi:10. 1080/15427609.2016.1268893