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Co-Creation Grants

Dear EAWOP members,

We are excited to announce a call for proposals for co-creation activities that bring together researchers and practitioners to develop solution-oriented initiatives. This is an excellent opportunity for EAWOP members to collaborate and create impactful products that can be presented at the next EAWOP Congress. 

These initiatives aim to develop solution-oriented projects with meaningful impact. Here are some examples of products or activities:

  • Training Programs or Workshops: Develop training programs or workshops that address specific challenges faced by organizations or practitioners. These could focus on enhancing leadership skills, promoting well-being, or improving team dynamics.
  • Assessment Tools or Surveys: Create assessment tools or surveys that help organizations evaluate employee engagement, job satisfaction, or organizational culture.
  • Best Practice Guidelines: Collaborate to develop evidence-based best practice guidelines for specific organizational processes. For example, guidelines on effective performance appraisal systems, selection tools, diversity and inclusion practices, or change management strategies.
  • Technology Solutions: Propose innovative technology solutions that enhance work processes or employee well-being. This could include developing mobile apps for stress management, virtual reality training modules, or AI-driven tools for talent acquisition.
  • Intervention Programs: Design and implement intervention programs aimed at improving work-life balance, reducing burnout, or enhancing organizational effectiveness. These programs can be tailored to specific industries or contexts.


The primary objectives of this call are:

1. To foster collaboration between researchers and practitioners (organizations, consultancies, or public bodies) in developing solution-oriented initiatives.
2. To support the creation of implementable products or solutions in the broader sense.
3. To provide a platform for the dissemination of these co-created initiatives at the next EAWOP Congress.
4. To showcase such solutions in the EAWOP impact incubator

Funding and Eligibility

• Successful proposals will receive up to 3500€ in funding to support the co-creation activities.
• The proposals must include both researchers and practitioners as key members of the project team.
• At least 50% of the project team should be EAWOP members.

Proposal Requirements

Your proposal should include the following:

1. Project Title and Abstract: Provide a concise overview of your proposed co-creation activity, including the problem or challenge you aim to address, the key objectives, and the expected outcomes.
2. Project Team: Introduce the members of your project team, including their roles, affiliations, and relevant expertise.
3. Project Description: Describe the co-creation activity in detail, including the planned methodology, timeline, and the specific product or solution you aim to develop.
4. Potential Impact: Explain how the co-created initiative can have a meaningful impact on the field of work and organizational psychology, and how it aligns with the broader goals of EAWOP.
5. Budget: Provide a detailed budget outlining how the 3500€ funding will be utilized to support the co-creation activities.

Submission and Evaluation

Proposals should be submitted to by 16.09.2024.

The proposals will be evaluated by a review committee based on the following criteria:

• Alignment with the call's objectives
• Strength of the project team and their expertise
• Feasibility and clarity of the proposed co-creation activity
• Potential impact and relevance to the EAWOP community


Proposal Submission Deadline: 16.09.2024
Notification of Successful Proposals: 16.10.2024
Co-Creation Activity Period: 16.10.2024 - 30.04.2025
Presentation at EAWOP Congress: 21-24 May, 2025

We encourage all EAWOP members to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to collaborate and create impactful solutions. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at [].

Best regards,
The EAWOP Executive Committee