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EC bios

Gudela Grote, President / Alliance
Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology
ETH Zürich
Department of Management, Technology, and Economics
Weinbergstrasse 56/58
CH - 8092 Zürich

Gudela Grote is Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology in the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics at the ETH Zürich. She holds a Master's degree in psychology from the Technical University in Berlin and a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. She has published widely on the interplay between organization and technology, organizational safety management, interaction in high-risk teams, and career development in flexible employment relationships. Gudela Grote is Associate Editor of the journal Safety Science. Special interests in her research are the increasing flexibility and virtuality of work and their consequences for the individual and organizational management of uncertainty. Current research projects concern  leadership, coordination and planning in healthcare, air traffic control and software development, the impact of reference groups and social networks on career transitions, and a biannual representative survey on employment relationships in Switzerland.

Helen Baron, General Secretary
82 Evershot Road, London, N4 3BU, UK

Helen Baron is a practitioner psychologist working independently in the UK. Her main areas of work are the design, implementation and audit of effective employee selection and assessment systems, test development, equal opportunities and general research.  Her research interests include professional standards, computer based testing, international assessment, testing people with disabilities and fairness in assessment. She has always worked internationally including both international projects and several years’ employment outside the UK.  She was a Visiting Professor at the Tallinn University of Technology and  have contributed to international projects such as the development of European test user standards and International Guidelines developed under the auspices of the International Test Commission.  She is active in her local psychological society and a member of the UK provisional awarding committee which is developing the award procedures for the Europsy specialist certificate in Work and Organizational Psychology.

Jose Ramos, Treasurer
Professor of Work & Organizational Psychology
University of Valencia
Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 21
46010 Valencia, Spain

José Ramos, PhD, is professor of Work and Organizational Psychology in the University of Valencia (Spain). He is member of the IDOCAL (University Institute of Psychology of Human Resources, Organizational Development and Quality of Working Life), and associate researcher at IVIE (Valencia Institute of Economic Research). Formerly Dean of the Faculty of Psychology (2006-2012), he’s the Head of the Department of Social Psychology from March 2015and President of the Spanish National Award Committee for the European Diploma on Psychology (EuroPsy) from 2009. His research topics and publications include service quality, organizational climate, psychological contract, and Youngsters’ labor market entry and unemployment, coauthoring book chapters as “Flexible employment and temporary contracts: The employer’s perspective” (Guest et al., Oxford Univ. Press, 2010) and “The challenge of building human capital and benefiting from it. A person-centric view of youth unemployment and underemployment” (Finkelstein et al., SIOP Org. Frontiers Series, 2015), and scientific articles as “Job attitudes, behaviors and well-being among different types of temporary workers in Europe and Israel” (International Labor Review, 2012) and “Perceived reciprocity and well-being at work in non-professional employees: fairness or self-interest? (Stress and Health, 2012). He`s member of the teaching staff of Erasmus Mundus Master of Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology and Coordinator of the Doctoral Program “Research on Psychology” in the University of Valencia.

Cristian Balducci, Constituents Liaison
Associate Professor of Work Psychology
Department of Political & Social Sciences
University of Bologna - Via dei Bersaglieri, 6/c, 40125 Bologna, Italy

Cristian Balducci is Associate Professor of Work psychology at the University of Bologna (Italy) – Department of Political and Social Sciences, where he teaches Work psychology: an introductory course for third-year students and a more advanced course for students of the laurea magistrale. He holds a master of science in research methods in psychology from the University College London (UK – 2001) and a PhD in the area of work and organizational psychology from the University of Trento (Italy - 2009). His main research interest is workplace bullying, particularly its personal and organizational antecedents. On this he has published on journals such as European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Work & Stress, and Anxiety Stress & Coping and he has also carried out consultation work for large public administration agencies in Italy. More recent research interests include work engagement and workaholism. He is also interested in the validation of measurement tools to investigate the above and other psychological constructs. He serves as a consulting editor for European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology and Journal of Business and Psychology. He was elected in the EAWOP executive committee on May 2015.

Ioannis Nikolaou, Web / Social Media Editor
Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour
Department of Management Science and Technology
Athens University of Economics and Business
76, Patission Ave., 104 34 Athens, Greece

Ioannis Nikolaou is an Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour at Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Management Science and Technology. He holds a Master's degree and a PhD in Organizational Psychology from the Manchester School of Management, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST). He has gained wide working experience as an Assistant Manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers, Greece at the department of Global Human Resources Solutions and as Head of the Training Department at Egnatia Bank before starting his academic career. He has written the textbook “Organizational Psychology & Behaviour” (in Greek) and has also published extensively in international peer-reviewed academic journals. His research interests lay in the field of employee recruitment, selection and assessment, chancing employment relationships and psychological well-being. He teaches courses in undergraduate  and post-graduate level, while maintaining active links with the industry through Human Resource consulting projects and executive training. He is also the co-founder of the European Network of Selection Researchers (ENESER). More info may be obtained in:

Virpi Ruohomäki Dr., Summer Schools / Congress Liaison
Specialized researcher, project manager
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Arinatie 3 A, FI-00370 Helsinki, Finland

Virpi Ruohomäki acts as the specialized researcher and the project manager in the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health ( Her current research topics are user-centered and participatory design of workplaces, new workplace solutions, workplaces supporting human well-being and sustainability issues. Her research areas cover the fields of knowledge work, teamwork, new ways of working, organizational development and change management. Virpi has been working in several research projects with companies and multi-disciplinary teams in the Europe and the USA. She graduated from the University of Helsinki, Department of Psychology. She received her PhD in work and organization psychology and licentiate degrees in technology at Helsinki University of Technology (now called Aalto University), Finland.

Silvia Silva, Small Group Meetings / Member communication / Journal Liason
ISCTE-IUL, Departamento de Recursos Humanos e Comportamento Organizacional, Escola de Gestão
Av. Das Forças Armadas, Edifício ISCTE
1649-026 Lisboa

Sílvia Silva is Associate Professor in the Department of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior and Director of the Business Research Center, at ISCTE- Instituto Universitário Lisboa. She is a Member of the Executive Committee of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology since May 2011. She has been teaching courses related with Work Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Research Methods in several Undergraduate Degrees, Master and PhD, mainly in Psychology and Management Degrees. Her main research is in the field of organizational psychology applied to occupational safety and wellbeing. In the last years she participated in quite a few international networks (e.g., OPEN- Organizational Participation in Europe Network), collaborated with several companies/institutions, was coordinator of several research projects and published, mainly, in the field of Health and Safety at Work.  She has been studying, for instance, prevention behaviors and participative/initiative behaviors at work, groups norms and climate (focusing peers and supervisors), organizational and safety climate and learning with accidents/incidents. Recent publications focus on Profiling Safety Behaviors and understanding the Meanings of Quality of Care. More info may be obtained in Research Gate.