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After a two year period (from 2006 to 2008) during which six European countries (Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and the UK) explored implementation issues and assessed the feasibility of the EuroPsy system, in 2009 EFPA launched EuroPsy, which was implemented throughout Europe as of 2010.

National Awarding Committees evaluate applications and determine the outcomes of applications for EuroPsy. A European Awarding Committee, established by EFPA, oversees the National Awarding Committees and the process for the award.

At present (2019) six European countries (Austria, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, and Spain) have established a National Awarding Committee (NAC) and started to issue the certificate. The NACs of many other European countries are under consideration by EFPA and are going to be established.

As a result of the development of the Specialist Certificate, the Europsy is now also called the Basic EuroPsy Certificate to distinguish it from the EuroPsy Certificate of Specialized Expertise. The latter requires additional education and professional training.
Two types of specialist expertise that are currently recognized by EuroPsy are: 1) psychotherapy; and 2) work and organizational psychology.

To learn more about the EuroPsy consult the website: