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EAWOP's mission is to promote and support the development of Work and Organizational Psychology in Europe. One way to do this is to get work and organizational psychologists from across Europe together to build collaborative networks. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected researchers and universities in many ways, with early career researchers being particularly affected in terms of job insecurity and reduced research funding. EAWOP is therefore pleased to announce a new scheme targeted towards early career researchers called the “EAWOP Early Career Research Mentoring Grant”. This Research Mentoring Grant assists early career researchers in developing and implementing a new research project together with a more senior researcher (other than their PhD supervisor) based in a different country. This research project be an extension of their PhD and/or previous research carried out.

Funding. In order to permit an equitable distribution of the funds, any single award will not exceed €1000. This funding will typically be used to purchase equipment, compensate participants, or pay for travel costs, where needed. The recipient is expected to submit a short report for publication in the EAWOP newsletter within six months of receiving the grant and encouraged to present their research at the next EAWOP conference. Any grant money that remains unspent should be returned to the Association.

Eligibility. EAWOP members within a period of 5 years from their PhD are eligible to apply. The application should include (i) the completed application form available on the EAWOP webpage; (ii) a research proposal (maximum 1500 words) which clearly outlines the objectives, the methodology, and duration of research and its intended outcomes; (iii) a recommendation letter from the senior researcher that the applicant wants to work with; (iv) a proposed budget; and (v) a 1-page Curriculum vitae with separate publication list. More information regarding the application materials can be found here: see www.eawop.og

Criteria. The following evaluation criteria will be applied: a) Scientific merit of proposal (maximum: 1500 words); b) academic need and academic benefit, i.e. postdoctoral students from countries/departments which have only limited access to research funds are especially encouraged to apply; and c) the research has to be completed within a year of receipt of funding.