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8th IWOJBE: Call for contributions | “A Careful Balancing Act: Exploring the Interplay of Care and Justice in Organizational Settings“


8th IWOJBE: Call for contributions

“A Careful Balancing Act: Exploring the Interplay of Care and Justice in Organizational Settings“


Kedge Business School, Bordeaux, France
May 30-31, 2024

Keynote speakers:
Gazi Islam, Grenoble Ecole de Management
Ramona Bobocel, University of Waterloo

Organizing committee:
Togan Kilic, Kedge Business School, France
Marc Ohana, Kedge Business School, France

Scientific committee:
Marc Ohana, Kedge Business School, France
Marion Fortin, TSM-Research, Toulouse Capitole University, France
Marjo-Riitta Diehl, Aalto University School of Business, Finland
Charmi Patel, Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK
Julia Zwank, SRH Mobile University, Germany
Caroline Manville, TSM-Research, Toulouse Capitole University, France


We invite you to submit papers to, and attend the 8th International Workshop on Insights in Organizational Justice and Behavioural Ethics to be held on May 30-31, 2024. The site of the workshop is Kedge Business School, located in Bordeaux, France.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together a small and select group of researchers interested in the study of ethical behavior, managerial care, and organizational justice in the workplace. The workshop will emphasize high-impact scholarly inquiry into the domains of behavioral ethics, corporate social responsibility, ethical decision-making, leadership, organizational justice, and related areas of study.

The specific theme of the 8th workshop is the interplay of care and justice in organizational settings. Care has long been considered an important base of ethical reasoning and concepts attributed to care have proliferated only more recently, in the context of increasing awareness of the importance of wellbeing and of experienced suffering at work. However, considerations of care in the workplace pose ethical challenges for both managers and employees - and may, often counterintuitively, be at odds with justice concerns. For example, at which point may equal and fair decision-making turn into dehumanization, requiring to be balanced with considerations of individualized care? Even though justice has been more prevalent than a focus on care in management research and a plethora of studies has illustrated the importance of justice considerations at work, both concepts remain shabbily interwoven in both research and business reality.

With this workshop we seek to advance knowledge on the interrelation (overlaps, linkages, conflicts) between the concepts of care and justice in organizations when decision-makers struggle with moral dilemmas. We welcome submissions from a diverse set of theoretical backgrounds, methods, stakeholder perspectives, and disciplinary approaches. The workshop will be limited to a small group of active scholars and provide a dynamic setting for mutual discussion, conceptual feedback, development of new research ideas, and building collaborative relationships. We consider early stage papers based on new theoretical ideas or preliminary findings as well as fully developed manuscripts. The most important requirement is a willingness to share ideas and learn from one another. There is no fee for attending and presenting at the workshop. However, we will ask all who have a paper accepted and plan to attend to formally register as will be instructed after the acceptance.


Submissions and key dates:

28th January 2024: Submission of paper title and abstract of around 500 words
18th March 2024: Notification of acceptance/rejection of abstracts
28th April 2024: Submission of final papers – full papers (15-20 pages) are invited, although given the nature and aims of the workshop, more developmental papers (8-10 pages) are also welcomed
30th-31th May 2024: Workshop

All submissions, and any other enquiries, should be done electronically and directed to Marc Ohana and Togan Kilic For any further information please visit the workshop page on the IWOJBE website at