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Submission deadline: 1st March 2012  

EAWOP Small Group Meeting

Advances in the Psychology of Entrepreneurship

29th June-1st July 2012, Sheffield, United Kingdom
The Small Group Meeting takes place immediately after the IWP Conference 2012

Small Group Meeting theme
Entrepreneurship contributes to employment creation, productivity and economic growth. At the same time, entrepreneurship has the potential to deliver innovative solutions to social and environmental problems. The numerous programmes for entrepreneurs and SMEs launched by the European Commission are recognition of entrepreneurship’s importance for Europe. For the individual entrepreneur, entrepreneurship seems to be a highly satisfying career choice, one that arguably incorporates many aspects characterizing ongoing changes in the world of work, such as increased uncertainty, responsibility, time-pressure and insecurity. Thus, insights into the psychology of entrepreneurship can help work and organizational psychologists understand the effects of the ongoing changes in the world of work. Moreover, entrepreneurs as founders, owners and managers of their organizations shape not only fundamentally the main goals of their business, its organizational culture and core business practices; they also shape the work environment for their employees and thereby can have profound influences on their employees well-being and performance. The psychology of entrepreneurship is a relatively young research field that has the potential to advance our understanding of successful entrepreneurship in all its facets (economic, social, personal and societal).

Small Group Meeting aim and agenda
The aim of this small group meeting is to advance the field of Psychology of Entrepreneurship in Europe and beyond. This will be achieved by bringing together researchers working in the field and stimulating intense discussion, by encouraging participants to make links between each other’s work and by stimulating cross cultural collaboration. The contributions for the meeting will be clustered around four broad topics. Provisionally, these are:

1) Entrepreneurial Personality: From trait to process and interaction;
2) Advancing research on entrepreneurial careers;
3) Entrepreneurial leadership;
4) Affect and cognition in entrepreneurship. 

A cross-cutting theme throughout the meeting will be to draw attention to cultural aspects.

Keynote Speakers
Keynote speakers chosen among top-level researchers will be invited to contribute to the meeting. Confirmed keynote speakers include Prof. Dr. Michael Frese, National University of Singapore and Leuphana University, Prof.  Dr. Jürgen Wegge, Dresden University of Technology, and Prof. Dr. John Arnold, University of Sheffield.

Meeting Format, Dates and Location
This meeting will be a small scale workshop taking place over three days 29th June – 1st  July 2012 at the Univeristy of Sheffield in Sheffield. The meeting times are
Friday 9am to 6 pm; Saturday 9am to 6 pm; Sunday 9am to 12 am. A maximum of 25 participants will be hosted. Approximately 15 oral presentations (lasting 20 minutes plus time for discussion) will be planned over the course of the meeting. Submission of a paper indicates a commitment on behalf of the participant to be present for the full duration of the small group meeting.

Submission of Papers
Participants will be selected based on the quality of proposed papers.  Papers should be sent to the organizers, Dr. Marjan Gorgievski, Erasmus Univeristy Rotterdam, Netherlands and Dr. Ute Stephan, Univeristy of Sheffield, UK Deadline for submission of papers is 1st March  2012.

Please ensure that papers comply with the following format:  An abstract of 250 words and 4 to 6 pages of text (including tables, figures and references). The maximum paper length is 5 to 7 pages, overall, Times New Roman, 12pt, double spaced.

After the review process, each author will be notified about the acceptance of the submitted
paper by 20th March 2012. Papers will be made available to all participants one month before the meeting, and it is expected that participants will read all papers in advance in order to facilitate fruitful and in-depth discussions during the meeting.

Publication of Papers
Participants will receive feedback on their papers during the meeting with the aim to develop high-quality papers ready for submission to a special issue of the Psychology of Entrepreneurship, which we are currently negotiating.

There will be no fees for participants. Lunch and dinner on 29th and 30th June will be provided free of charge for participants. 

Organizing Committee
Marjan Gorgievski, Ph.D. (
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Department of Psychology, T13-03, P.O. Box 1738, NL-3000 DR Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Tel. +31 10 40888799.

Ute Stephan, Ph.D. (
University of Sheffield, Institute of Work Psychology, Management School, Mushroom Lane, S10 2TN Sheffield, UK,
Tel. +44 114 222 32 86.