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Call for Submissions Careers in Context: Theorizing in and about Turbulent Times


Vienna, Austria | 14 – 15 February 2020

Careers Division Community Conference
Hosted at Vienna University of Economics and Business

AOM Careers Division Community Conference

Scholarly interest in careers has been active since the rise of industrialization when, for the first time, social and occupational mobility became a central but problematic component of modern life. Organizational scholars working in the late 1970s produced seminal work on
careers in organizations, which by the end of the 1980s had emerged as a multi-disciplinary field of study. However, at least since the early 1990s, scholars have recognized changes in the structure of organizational careers due to the emergence of new forms of work and organization. We are now well into what is often termed the fourth industrial revolution. Major events in the world economy, politics, and society provide new challenges, necessitating the development of new approaches to understanding careers at the nexus of individual, organizational, institutional, and national contexts. 

The aim of this AOM Careers Division Community Conference is to present and develop high-quality research, foster extensive discussion, and bring multiple disciplinary perspectives together to focus on new and emerging issues, concepts, and theories in the area of careers studies, broadly conceived. We also seek to serve scholars dealing with career-related topics who find it difficult to attend the AOM annual meeting in August but who wish to present their research and connect with other members of the careers community. At the same time, scholars who normally attend the Annual AOM meetings are also very welcome to submit their research or workshop ideas and participate at the conference. We are calling for proposals for presentations, symposia, and professional development workshops (PDW) at this AOM Careers Division Community Conference. We aim to attract topics across the whole field of careers research, and specifically with a focus on career topics related to turbulent times (e.g., economic crises, organizational re-structuring, immigration
and refugee crises) and across diverse contexts (e.g., Western and Eastern contexts; early, middle and late careers; blue-, pink- and white-collar workers). Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Career resilience, adaptability, sustainability, employability, and re-employment;
  • Dealing with critical career transitions and career shocks;
  • Implications of nonstandard work arrangements for careers;
  • Careers in context (e.g., entrepreneurial, professional careers, leadership development);
  • Different ways of conceptualizing and predicting career success;
  • Career self-management, developmental, and life span perspectives;
  • Cross-cultural differences in career systems, international careers and expatriates;
  • Intra-individual career development, temporal perspectives on careers;
  • Quant, qual, critical approaches; conceptual and methodological advances welcome;

We invite scholars and students from Europe and around the world to share their research and ideas in a constructive and developmental environment, network with prominent careers scholars and practitioners, and focus intensely on the broad topic of careers while enjoying the beauty and culture of the world-class city of Vienna.

Conference Date, Location, Format, and Fees
The conference will take place Friday and Saturday, 14 and 15 February 2020, and will be held at the campus of Vienna University of Economics and Business. We plan to have two or more simultaneous tracks, depending on submissions, built around individual paper
presentations, presenter symposia, and professional development workshops. Formats that provide for extended discussion time and developmental feedback will be encouraged. There will be a scholarly keynote lecture by Wolfgang Mayrhofer (WU Vienna), local host of the conference, and one practitioner keynote lecture by Dr. Klaus Niedl, Global HR Director, NOVOMATIC AG.

The conference fee is €200 for faculty, €100 for students (with valid student ID at the time of the conference). The conference fee includes registration, morning and afternoon refreshments, and a light lunch for each day. Transportation and housing are not covered and
are the responsibility of the conference attendee. Vienna is frequently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world and its cultural institutions attract millions of visitors yearly. Vienna is easily reached by plane, train, or car.
Many hotels provide easy access to Vienna University, cite of the conference. We are in contact with several nearby hotels to provide accommodation at a reduced price for the participants.

Key Dates and Deadlines

  • May, 2019 Call for Submissions 
  • 15 June Submission Website Opens
  • 1 September Deadline for All Submissions
  • September - October Review Period
  • 31 October Decision Notifications Sent
  • Mid November Conference Registration Opens
  • 1 December Participants Confirmation of Attendance
  • 15 December Online Program Available
  • 14-15 February, 2020 Careers in Context Conference: Vienna. Austria

Attendance and Commitments. If your proposal is accepted for presentation, the participant(s) attending to present the research or participate in any conference format MUST be registered to attend the conference. The Academy is a voluntary association whose
existence and operations are dependent on cooperation, involvement, and leadership from its members. Conference attendees should honor all professional commitments, including presentation of accepted papers and participation in scheduled roles, such as chair, discussant, or panelist. Program participants are required to present their submission in person. If absence from a scheduled meeting is unavoidable, presenters must contact appropriate individuals and pursue suitable alternative arrangements. Leaders have the same responsibilities and should  perform their obligations and responsibilities in a timely, diligent, and sensitive manner, without regard to friendships or personal gain. Program participants are NOT required to be AOM members.

The Scientific Committee. Scott Seibert, Rutgers University; Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Vienna University of Economics and Business; Bert Schreurs, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Evgenia Lysova, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Daniel Spurk, University of Bern; Andreas Hirschi,
University of Bern; Stefanie Gustafsson, University of Bath. 

Submission Information
The scientific submissions will be evaluated according to the following criteria: Conceptual contribution to careers theory, methodological rigor, integration of theoretical framework and data, practical relevance, interestingness/novelty, and fit with conference theme.
Submission are to be made through the conference website that will be available about the mid of June.

Policies, Rules, and Ethics
‘Rule of Three’ for Papers, Symposia, and PDWs: Each submitter is allowed to enter a maximum of three total submissions in any combination. 

AOM Code of Ethics

Conference participants should notify the conference organizers regarding the practices or actions of members they believe may violate Academy policies, rules, or general standards of ethical conduct. Standards of conduct that are relevant to participation in the AOM Specialized Conference are summarized below. The AOM Code of Ethics applies to members and nonmembers participating in Academy activities including conferences. More information about the AOM’s professional norms on conference presentations can be found on the Ethics Video Series on the AOM’s YouTube channel at

  • Participation. To encourage meaningful exchange, Academy members should foster a climate of free interchange and constructive criticism within the Academy and be willing to share research findings and insights fully with other conference attendees.
  • Original Work and Unpublished Work. At the time of submission, submitted papers must not have been previously presented or scheduled for presentation at the AOM. Submitted papers must not have been published or accepted for publication. If a paper is under review, it must NOT appear in print before the conference.
  • Rigorous Scholarship. It is the duty of Academy members and presenters conducting research to design, implement, analyze, report, and present their findings rigorously. Research rigor includes careful design, execution, analysis, interpretation of results, and retention of data. Presentation of research should include treatment of the data that is honest and that reveals both strengths and weaknesses of findings.

Authorship and credit should be shared in correct proportion to the various parties' contributions. Whether published or not, ideas or concepts derived from others should be acknowledged, as should advice and assistance received. Authors should also guard against plagiarizing the work of others. Plagiarism is defined as: The failure to give sufficient attribution to the words, ideas, or data of others that have been incorporated into a work, which an author submits for academic credit or other benefit.
We are looking forward to welcome you at the Careers Division Community Conference in Vienna 2020!

For further information, please contact: