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Call for unpublished research on the relationship between self-monitoring and job performance.


Currently, we are conducting a meta-analysis on the relationship between self-monitoring and job performance.

In addition to already included published studies, we are looking for dissertations, other theses, unpublished manuscripts or preprints, conference presentations, and work currently under revision or in press.

We are now looking for all kinds of data dealing with the relationship between self-monitoring and job performance which include the measurement of self-monitoring with one or more of the following scales and validation discussions (or newer / not yet published operationalizations):

We would be happy to include relevant studies matching the following inclusion criteria:
1. sample: only samples of employees (no student samples)
2. design: both cross-sectional and longitudinal studies
3. performance measures: (a) supervisory ratings of job performance (task or contextual performance) and/or (b) results (for ex. items sold, sales, patents, projects completed etc.)

We would be very thankful if you could contact us until end of August, ideally August 30th at the following address if they have data that match the above mentioned criteria:

Once you contacted us, we will ask follow-up questions regarding the design of your study, characteristics of your sample, your measures, the item list of your performance measure, outcomes (esp. correlations) or other methodological factors so that you can efficiently contribute to our meta-analysis. We will only use your data for the intended purpose of this meta-analysis and cite accordingly.

Katharina Ebner ( & Klaus Moser ( , FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.