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Cheers to the NEW EAWOP EC!



New Executive Council

The leadership of a professional organisation of excellence is a noble task. Change in leadership brings with it the courage to launch new visions, new projects, to set far-reaching goals and to raise the bar to lengths yet to be achieved. But this journey cannot be accomplished without the effort and expertise laid down in the past, which thus becomes the magic fuel propelling the organisation forward.

Therefore, our warmest thanks go to those EC members who have stepped down in the January 2022 GA: Frederik Anseel (now the EAWOP Past-President), Janine Bosak and Barbara Smorczewska. The perseverance and tenacity of the EC team that ends its mandate is inspiring, especially when taking into account the difficult situations and challenges which had to be overcome throughout these interesting times of COVID.

Congratulations also to the newly elected EC members, Annemarie Hiemstra, the new EAWOP President, and to Deirdre O'Shea, Ana Hernández and Eva Derous, incoming EC officers.