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The Living Wage: Showcasing the latest cutting edge research – 18th Nov – 09:00 – 11.30 UK time

Workers from marginalized and vulnerable groups have been struck hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic, precarious contracts and working conditions increasing their exposure to the virus. This webinar links to an European Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology’s special issue on living wages, to reveal how WOP research can contribute to societal grand challenges such as poverty and inequality. The topic of living wages is pertinent for all workers especially those involved in informal and precarious work, regardless of contexts and country. Through 5 short talks the latest WOP conceptual, methodological and empirical work in this area will be showcased, to raise practical questions, and help inform new research agenda.
Those attending this event will gain insight into the WOP science of living wages, with 5 short talks that will how WOP science is expanding knowledge of the impact and consequences of low paid work on workers, organisations and societies. They will have a preview of the new serious game that can be used to raise awareness of low paid work and the experiences for workers and organisations

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Silence is golden? 30th Nov – UK 09:00 – 12:00 UK time

Silence is golden’? Work Psychology science explores why silence in organisations can be far from a good thing, why it occurs, how to detect and remedy its unintended consequences. 

“Silence is golden” they say, however, work & organisational psychological (WOP) science shows that it can also be dangerous for individuals, organisations and society when people do not feel able or actively withhold information and concerns. Recent examples of the huge consequences of silence range from the #MeToo scandals of the entertainment industry, to young peoples’ abuse in sports, children’s homes and the military, or in fraud such as Serco or Greensill, and ransomware attacks including East coast fuel line and AXA. In this FoSS event we launch our new short animation that outlines how and why employee silence can arise. Four short science-based talks reveal the science behind why silence arises, how it can be detected and the negative impacts ameliorated. Following these talks a practitioner panel discussion with leaders from HR (CIPD’s CEO Peter Cheese); Regulation (Professional Standards Authority for Health & Social Care’s (PSA) Assistant Director of Standards and Policy - Douglas Bilton); threats and securities (member of the UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, working in its Personnel Security and People Risk area);  and Aviation (ENAC - Italian Civil Aviation Authority’s Director of HR – Fabiola Cardea), will discuss how WOP research informs their practice and leads to the development of safer and more resilient organisations. They will identify key challenges and issues.  
Those attending this event will gain insight into the impact of silence, understanding 8 different reasons that silence can arise, and how these impacts can be reduced in organisation. They will have a preview of the new animation which can then be viewed again and used to raise awareness of the destructive role of silence in organisations.

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