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To mark the forthcoming EAWOP 2019 Congress in Turin this month, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology and Taylor & Francis have provided free access to the two papers selected by the editorial team as the best papers in 2017 and 2018, as well as the two most cited papers from those years. Below you can find the list of the free access papers. Enjoy the reading!

Bal, P. M., Dóci, E., Lub, X., Van Rossenberg, Y. G., Nijs, S., Achnak, S., ... & De Gieter, S. (2019). Manifesto for the future of work and organizational psychology.

Best paper for 2017
Steidle, A., Gonzalez-Morales, M. G., Hoppe, A., Michel, A., & O’shea, D. (2017). Energizing respites from work: a randomized controlled study on respite interventions.

Best paper for 2018
Haslam, C., Lam, B. C., Branscombe, N. R., Steffens, N. K., Haslam, S. A., Cruwys, T., ... & Ball, T. C. (2018). Adjusting to life in retirement: the protective role of new group memberships and identification as a retiree.

Most cited paper from 2017
Lomas, T., Medina, J. C., Ivtzan, I., Rupprecht, S., Hart, R., & Eiroa-Orosa, F. J. (2017). The impact of mindfulness on well-being and performance in the workplace: an inclusive systematic review of the empirical literature.

Most cited paper from 2018
Vornholt, K., Villotti, P., Muschalla, B., Bauer, J., Colella, A., Zijlstra, F., ... & Corbiere, M. (2018). Disability and employment–overview and highlights.