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Practitioner-oriented initiatives by EAWOP Constituent Members


EAWOP Call for proposals on

Practitioner-oriented initiatives promoted by EAWOP Constituent Members

Submission deadline: February 28, 2019

The mission of EAWOP is to promote and support the development and application of Work and Organizational Psychology (WOP) in Europe and to facilitate links between scientists and practitioners working in this field across Europe. In line with this mission, the EAWOP Executive Committee (EC) has decided to launch a new call for proposals dedicated to EAWOP Constituent members specifically aimed at funding practitioner-oriented initiatives. With this call the EAWOP EC wants to support initiatives promoted by its constituent members that focus on the practice of WOP in Europe and that have a European scope and impact.

Practitioner oriented constituent members are particularly encouraged to respond to this call but all constituents associations may apply; it is the practice relevance of the initiative that determines eligibility.  Each constituent may submit only an application. Joint initiatives by two EAWOP constituents (from the same country or different countries) are also welcome. The initiative proposed should be practitioner-oriented and have a European perspective. A wide range of initiatives may be supported, such as (but not limited to):

- Supporting the invitation of an expert from another European country as a guest speaker for National congresses, small (e.g. one-day) conferences, knowledge exchange initiatives.

- Supporting the invitation of an expert from another European country as a trainer for seminars, workshops and other training, development and educational activities.

- Supporting participation of practitioners from several countries to work together to develop new practice or educational initiatives, guidelines for practice.

- Supporting an individual from the constituent country to attend a workshop or training event in another country with a view to disseminating the knowledge locally on return.

Initiatives with an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach (e.g. clinical, mental health, etc.) are also eligible, as long as WOP is central to the initiative. For example, a training initiative for WOP practitioners on mindfulness applications in the workplace or a workshop on cardiac psychology for practicing work and organizational psychologists would be appropriate.

The EAWOP EC is particularly looking for initiatives that improve the policy impact of WOP research and practice, that facilitate the enhancement and dissemination of WOP knowledge, that enable the development of new professional competencies and the strengthening of existing ones. 

EAWOP will make available 15000 Euros overall for this call, funding individual proposals with up 3000 Euros. This budget is to be used exclusively for organizational costs. Moreover, it is explicitly meant for not-for-profit initiatives only. Please note that the organizers of the funded initiative will receive up to 2000 Euros before the initiative and the remainder after it (on the presentation of original invoices) following the requirements presented below.

In order to receive funding, original invoices are required after the initiative has taken place corresponding to the amount to be financed by EAWOP. These invoices should have EAWOP in the entity name. Additionally, for requesting the advance of the funding the final program of the initiative and a short description/justification of expenses is required.

Constituents interested in responding to this call are invited to submit a proposal to the EAWOP EC by email to Cristian Balducci, (including cc The deadline for submissions is February 28th, 2019. Decisions will be communicated by March 31st, 2019.

The proposal should contain the following:
• Title and description of the initiative, including an explanation of its practitioner-oriented nature and European scope;
• Timing and location of the initiative (which should take place in 2019);
• Contact person from the constituent
• Contact person from the initiative together with details of any organizing committee or sponsoring organizations.
• Budget.

The following criteria will be used for selecting the successful proposals: a) overall relevance to the call; b) the practical dimension of the proposed initiative; c) a well identifiable  international/European component/perspective; d) having an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach; e) implications that reach beyond the local event itself. Additionally, the constituent proposing the initiative should be up to date with the annual EAWOP membership fee payment, that is, it should have paid the 2018/2019 EAWOP membership fee.