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Forthcoming webinar: Understanding Precarious Work: A webinar launching resources for organisations and decisionmaker


This event is Part of EAWOPii’s new campaign “POW to Precarious Organisational Work” to launch our new resources on the topic of precarious work

Time : Thu, 23 May 2024 09:30 - 10:30 BST

The accelerating cost of living crisis concurrent with the rise of platform and gig work, have resulted in increased visibility of precarious work in the global media, as well as from academic researchers seeking to understand what it is, what it means for workers, and how to avoid it. This topic is seeing increased attention from policymakers and organisations looking to understand how to prevent citizens and workers from shifting into precarity.

Precarious work refers to work which is unstable, uncertain, and fails to provide social protection. It is a topic for our time, pertinent for all workers, regardless of contexts and country, but especially for those involved in informal and low-wage work. Its impacts reach beyond workers creating important consequences for their families but also society as a whole.

This online free webinar launches a new set of five briefing papers on the topic of precarious work, developed by leading scholars in the field as part of the EAWOP Impact Incubator. They offer insight into key aspects of precarious work, and are designed to serve as practical resources for organisations and the decisionmakers within them. They draw on cutting-edge academic research on precarious work, as well as some practical steps require to shift work away from precarious work toward decent work.

Those attending this event will gain insight into the science of precarious work, with five short talks from key academics working in this area that will show how psychological science is expanding knowledge of the impact and consequences of precarious work on workers, organisations and societies.


Brief 1: Defining Precarious Work Dr Lisa Seubert & Dr Christian Seubert (University of Innsbruck, Austria)
Brief 2: Precarious work in the hospitality sector and ways to reduce its impact Dr Esther García (University of the Balearic Islands, Spain)
Brief 3: How fair is your reward? Fair reward as fundamental to shifting from precarious to decent work Dr Ishbel McWha-Hermann (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Brief 4: Redesigning Precarious Work for Better Mental Health: A SMART Solution Dr Anupama Jolly, Cati Thomas, & Prof Sharon Parker (University of Western Australia & Curtin University, Australia)
Brief 5: Struggling to make ends meet despite a job: how economic vulnerability undermines worker wellbeing Dr Katharina Klug & Prof Eva Selenko (University of Bremen, Germany & Loughborough University, UK)

Link to register for this event: